My portfolio features artwork that dates back to 2017, when I was a senior in a
New Jersey high school.  While it's not necessarily relevant, I'm still interested in how I've grown and changed artistically over time.
While earning my AFA from Delaware College of Art and Design, I was lucky to help create assets for Chalk Line Apparel and a handful of licenses such as The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, WWE, NFL Players Association, The Poltergeist and many more.  This opportunity opened the doors for me in graphic design.
"Chalk Line is an apparel company who initially rose to their popularity during the mid 90’s. The company has a core focus on the ultimate sport and entertainment fan specializing in what is known as the “Fanimation” jacket. A jacket, which was far ahead of its time, featuring original sublimated artwork on the back of the jacket. The artwork featured immense attention to detail and vintage pieces are still sought after and collected to this day worldwide." (

I became an intern for Moxi Roller Skates while I continued my Fine Arts education at Moore College of Art and Design to earn my BFA. I was immediately offered a full-time job with Moxi Roller Skates and have been working there since in addition to my painting and tufting practice.

Coming Soon:
Outside / In, June 2022 - 2022
An Installation at the Delaware Contemporary, West Street Festival