Leanna Bacani is an installation artist currently based in Newark, Delaware. 
While completing her BFA at Moore College of Art and Design, she devoted her foundational skills in numerous forms of art making. It is this immensity of experimentation that has allowed her  to create a more involved, art viewing experience. 
The distillation of motifs taken from nature allow us to experience her installation based work as a simulacrum of the landscape. Leaves, mycelium, wind patterns and water currents become patterns and tufted shapes of texture.  These 3D representations transcend the pictorial, leeching into the observers personal space. Just as a falling leaf can graze the cheek of a bystander out in nature, Leanna’s work evokes the sense of touch while acting as a microcosm of the whole. Each tufted piece relates to the rest, creating an elaborate system of tactile pieces.  

Coming Soon:
Outside / In, June 2022 - 2022
An Installation at the Delaware Contemporary, West Street Festival